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Perfectly Positioned

Life doesn’t always take you where you want to go but God always gets you to where you need to be.

It wasn’t long ago when singleness, loneliness, and sadness were all synonymous to me. On many Sundays, I thought about all those happy families enjoying a Sunday afternoon drive with ice-cream, and I often became melancholic, since to me, it felt like an unattainable desire. Although I never tagged an age to getting married, I certainly did not think that I would have been having single-life woes in my 30’s.

I still cannot understand this unique human construct that causes us to glamorize another person’s experience, yet tag our circumstance as inferior. Nonetheless, the good news is that those who eventually surrendered their desires to God during their season of singleness will say just how contented they became with their status, and this was also my testimony. I decided that I did not need to be in a relationship to enjoy myself because there was so much more to life than having a significant other. The human race was built to adjust and adapt; so single, married, widowed, or divorced, we learn to pluck the beauty out of every situation and press on. We learn to focus on the rose rather than the thorns, and the beauty of the view from the mountain than the steep precipice below.

Those of us who trust in God know that when life doesn’t take us in the direction we desire to go, we are confident that our destination will always be where God needs us to be.

As my husband and I celebrate his birthday this weekend with a little getaway, it seemed as though our thoughts were along the same path of just how happily different our lives turned out, because God got us to where He needed us to be. Birthdays past as a single man were mostly quiet and enjoyable, he says. Although he knew that God would eventually bless him with a partner, the finer details were unclear and certainly looked very different from what he imagined. Yet, God was able to grace him with so much more than he could have dreamed for himself 😊.

I have come to a point in my life where I can say unequivocally that I have no clue what I need in this life apart from needing God. I am very comfortable that the pilot of my life navigates disappointment, victimization, castigation, and pitfalls, to get me to where He needs me. God never needed or needs our input or consent for His plan but He has always needed our confident trust that He will get us exactly where we need to be, at the time that we need to be there. In the introduction to my book, I quote a favourite saying of mine, that is, “everything in your past was preparation and everything in your future is your destiny”. Everything about your tomorrow is planned by God and predestined by Him to be exactly what He needs, and that knowledge must evoke solace because we are certain that what He gives is always best and perfect. The book of James 1:4 ESV says it aptly, “let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing”.

If you have spent too much time, trying to work out the finer details of your future, I would suggest that you give it a rest. The truth is that it may be very reassuring to have plan A’s and B’s but at best you would have crafted a mere framework or vision of the things God wants to do in and through you, and at worst, you may be taking up time that could be more valuably expended enjoying what is right in front of you. I am in no way dissuading people from dreaming, hoping, planning, or writing down their vision, however, I am saying that trying to pen the finer details of where you need to be and when, might not be fruitful. Instead, I am encouraging you to plan with the knowledge that God will ALWAYS get you to where you need to be.

As I sat soaking in every ounce of the scenic view of the mountain from Mt. Plaisir Estate in Grand Riviere and the powerful rumbling of the sea, it still was only second place, to the fact that I was able to enjoy it with the man who the Lord knew I needed. My life was very good in singledom and I wouldn’t trade or accelerate any part of it, because God knew who I needed and when I needed him. However, the Lord far exceeded my expectation for a partner and I cannot begin to explain the support, comfort, wisdom, and value that he has brought to my life.

Everything we need, God will provide. He will never be late and neither will He be lackluster with His blessings. I believe and stand in agreement with you that God will grant just what you need in this season and every season of your life, and that your life will be a beacon of His grace and strength.

Love Ya!

Krystal Baynes-Hoseinee


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‘My Favourite Scriptures: A Devotional For New Believers” contains reflections on fundamental principles about God’s love, His forgiveness, your character/nature in Christ, submission and obedience, His blessings, provision, purpose and protection. In this devotional I use deeply personal experiences to make the scriptures relevant to you. This book is a reflection of the grace that God showers on me, having used my lowest points and all my failures to increase my compassion so that I can spread the message of His love to the world.

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