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I Need You!

It's the simplest most potent three words, maybe right behind “I Love You”. There is a vulnerability in both phrases, but one expresses something that you give (love) and the other is an appeal to receive something.

I want to share how life drives our attention to the real source of sustenance IF we are wise enough to truly realise that He is the only One who meets all our needs.

I Need You is not a selfish retort, it’s actually a prayer. Power is packed into those simple words, for me at least. Most of the time when I'm driven to this prayer it's usually preceded by overwhelming thoughts of how much I have to do, my adequacy or capability to get things done, or whenever I have a need.

It's more than just our immediate needs though, it's pretty much everything. For example, my son is only a year and a half and I already have to think about preschool and primary school, but I don't have a clue where to start. It is easy to take for granted how much we truly need God and it therefore explains why it is such a repetitive prayer of mine.

Starting a business venture and only seeking guidance from business gurus isn't wise. You need God. He created the minds of those gurus, and no other mind is more brilliant and no other seeks your interest as He would.

A simple prayer; Lord I need you. I can't always have my prayer and bible study time before I leave home in the morning but as I sit behind the wheel, I repeat loaded, “Lord I Need You’s”. As I think about my tasks for the day, I say, Lord, I need you. As I think about navigating people, personalities, and circumstances, I beseech the Lord through the words 'I need you'.

Thanks to satellites I can go on Google Earth and see my street or the roof of my house but that is neither top of mind nor anywhere in the recesses when I look up into the beautiful baby blue morning sky. Though there was an unending canvas of blue and white, it was only after a period of being lost in the vastness of the sky and the God who created it all, that I remembered there was so much more beyond the sky that I couldn't see. These unseen devices are the enablers of Global Positioning Systems, global communication and the world wide web.

Beyond the blue sky, the satellites, and beyond the galaxies sits the King of Kings, the God of all creation who is scanning not just the earth but is coming right to the entrance of our hearts, whispering His immense desire to guide us, communicate with us, and love us.

You don't need me or anyone else to tell you that you need God, you only need to momentarily ponder the large portion of life's happenings that are outside of your control. This silent prayer is always personal. It requires you to reflect on how much you don't know, don't have, can't understand, and don't see, to cuddle up with the notion of your need for God. Sit and reflect for a moment on how He somehow worked things out through all the 'don't know', 'can't understand', and 'don't see' of your life thus far.

Every day you have the option to surrender your thoughts and desires by acknowledging that you need Him for those moments. I would be afraid of so many things if I didn't know that when I pray 'God I need you', He'd show up. I have so much confidence in that small phrase because it's not the words themselves but the genuineness of the request and the faithfulness of God to respond.

Don't bother saying you need Him if you plan to do it your way or never slow down enough to hear what you should do or how you should approach the situation.

Anytime you are ever in a space of "I don't know" it should always be followed by "Lord I Need You." Because the truth is that we never really know how a day will go, how a meeting will turn out, or what the outcome of the medical tests will be. But we do know that when we surrender all things under the banner of God's sovereignty through our cry for help, He shows up.

Jehoshaphat asked for God's Help when a mightier army formed ranks against Israel. He said 'We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you' (2 Chronicles 20).

We must spend time in dedicated prayer and silently in God’s presence to cultivate that rich relationship through communication and knowledge of God. However, there is immense richness in simple prayers of surrender like ‘God, I need you!’ That’s when the Holy Spirit does the best job of communicating our needs than our words ever could.

I’ve found myself repeating this prayer frequently with all the busyness of life because I refuse to move a step without reminding myself that I need God for every single thing. From my heart or with indiscernable whispers I often pray … “Lord I Need You!”

Love Ya!

Krystal Baynes-Hoseinee

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