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Happiness, Evolution, and Love

I had something already written to publish today, but as I sit contemplating what I want to share in my last article, as we close 2023 together, these things come to mind.

God is Unchanging; His Presence and Persistence

I experienced Him differently this year. Maybe those of you who have been married for many years will understand what I am about to say. Zeal that is typical with new journeys was replaced with a consistent assurance of His presence despite all the things that were happening. My time in study of the Word and prayer was not as focused or extensive as I would have wanted, but I knew that God was just right there. If we don’t tick all the boxes for what may be considered the criteria of a good Christian, many are inclined to feel guilty. However, I just felt flooded with His abundant grace over and over, which reinforced that it wasn’t my good deeds that were keeping me in right-standing with Him.

He is God; His character of persistent and unconditional love, followed me throughout the year and I am so grateful. By my estimation, I barely ticked any of the boxes, but I feel so safe, so secure and so close to God right at this moment because His grace was and is my sufficiency. He walked with me and loved me all the way through. While our circumstances, commitment, and focus fluctuate, His presence and persistent pursuit, never change.

Invest in Yourself and Your Happiness

I fully endorse the Biblical principle of joy which is a higher state of being than happiness. I was one of those Christians who bemoan happiness as not a state worthy to strive for because of the brevity of the experience and the needed external catalyst. Though the world seems to be obsessed with only being happy, there is room in one’s joyfulness to also be happy. There are two reasons I have a newfound appreciation for the word 'happiness' (following our month-long focus on happiness in Woman Arise).

Firstly, joyful people are happy people. No one says “I am joyful” wearing a frown. Secondly, periodic healthy engagements to tend to your happiness barometer are good for your heart, your passion, and your life. Happiness should not be the only or ultimate goal, but happiness is an enabler to help you live a balanced life that enables you to attain your goals. How? Your outlook on life and on your ability to achieve are enhanced when you are happy. Your relationships are more meaningful when both parties are happy and you get to pause for a moment to revive and refresh yourself, by doing something that makes you smile. I am joyful, because of my position in Christ but I am consciously seeking small moments of happiness, (like sitting by my open window with the cool and crisp December evening air flowing through, while I sip my cup of tea and write this article). Happiness!

Change isn’t Bad; You should Actively Pursue Opportunities to Evolve

I’ve grown so much in this area in just one year. In the past, I’ve viciously resisted change, but this year I embraced the moments when my character was tested and my resolve was pressured because the evolved wife, mom, friend, and leader who flourished, is a better version of myself than I was 11 months ago. This thought isn’t going to be longer than simply this; your challenges are opportunities to evolve (as mine were) and the anticipation of becoming even more aligned with the person who God calls you to be, should be your impetus to continuously evolve.

I am not referring to those life situations that come by chance or those that are forced upon us; I am encouraging you to choose the challenging path, the path of resistance, as it certainly will result in growth. Push past your boundaries and out of your boxes and seek out ways to be better today than you were yesterday. Desire to be more patient, more self-aware, more compassionate, more discerning, more committed, and the list goes on. Change in baby steps or big leaps, but don’t be stagnant.


Love Those Around You, the Time You Have to Do So is Finite

Yup! That’s It!

I didn’t see or spend enough time with my family this year. It’s my non-negotiable going forward. I don’t care what’s happening otherwise, I am making time for the people who matter, and I suggest you do too if you’re like me. If you haven’t spoken to a friend in a while, give them a call. Even if you don’t live in the same area or country, and work or school commitments make it hard to find the best time, then send a text. Make all the moments of time count and make the memories, because it will end abruptly one day and then those memories are all we’ll have.

I loved spending 2023 with you and hopefully spreading much love, encouragement, and support through these articles.

I wish you and your family the best Christmas and may Emmanuel, Jesus, the Christ, be your constant peace through this season and for the new year!

Merry Christmas and a Holy, Happy, and Healthy New Year!

Love You!

Krystal Baynes-Hoseinee

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