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The inspiration for today’s article is an old song by Jekalyn Carr which has amassed 84 million views on YouTube since it was released about 8 years ago. The words of the song no doubt will be one of those that will be timeless as they resonate comfort through a knowledge of God’s superiority that’s needed at every turn in our life.

I indulged in a moment of reflection on the loss of my daughter Zyra, and not for the first time I began going through the sequence of “whys” intending to drill down to a root cause. Maybe those questions were directed at 'how' it all came about. Did God orchestrate the entire thing to align me with purpose? If you’ve read my Devotional or followed my writings for a while, you would have read at some point that the pivotal point in my life was after the passing of my daughter who was born prematurely and fought like a champion for 4 weeks before she left this earth to be with her heavenly Father. While God welcomed her into His arms, and despite my broken soul that wanted to be with her, it was clear to me that He had work for me to do here.

As for those questions, I asked, “Did God cause me to lose my daughter”? I quickly answered in the negative. So did Satan try to get my life by taking hers? I fully believe that the enemy will do anything to derail you from your God-ordained purpose including taking your life if he can. In any case, I concluded that though the enemy wanted to, he couldn’t take my life.

Who’s fault was it then, I contemplated (similar to many of us when events happen to us for which we have no answer)? The last thought was that it was neither God nor the devil. My pregnancy was a direct consequence of decisions that I made and though there was nothing I did that caused me to go into labour too early, both God and the forces of darkness had an opportunity.

The enemy figured that he could take my life or that he would at least distress and derail my life, but GOD, who is Bigger was the one who had the say about how that incident will ultimately work for my good and His glory. I am grinning from ear to ear as I write this because God indeed is bigger.

Truth be told, I cannot say which of the circumstances that occur in our life are ‘orchestrated’ by God or those that are ‘used’ by God, but I do know that God is Bigger than either!

What do I mean by God is Bigger? Bigger is an adjective in comparative form in the English language. In the context of life, it means that the outcome you are experiencing or the current status of the matter is not the final resting place. It means that God has an end state that you probably cannot even fathom, which by the way, is good. He is bigger than every challenge, sickness, indecision, and setback.

When you lean into God’s truth that He LOVES YOU, (Jeremiah 31:3), that His plans for you are good and not evil (Jeremiah 29:11), and that your trials result in your ultimate perfection (James 1:4), it initiates the shift in your understanding that God is bigger.

Here is another perspective on the manifestation of God’s bigness. He prepares us emotionally, psychologically, and relationally for everything that will occur in our future. Often, it’s not until we have already passed through a situation that we can see that God must have prepared us for it and then sustained us through it.

Whether our circumstance is by our own making (David and Bathsheba), or without any wrongdoing on our part (Job), or if it was due to the deceit and vindictiveness of others (Jesus and Judas), GOD IS still Bigger!

It is comforting, reassuring, and exhilarating to know that our God is bigger. God takes our worst decisions and works it out for our good. He is bigger than absolutely everything. Whenever I need to remind myself of God's omniscience, of His all-encompassing, and enduring character, of all the adjectives and synonyms in the world, I love to use the word 'Big' or moreso Bigger.

All things are subject to His Will and His Power. Always remember that whatever you are going through or will ever endure, God IS Big and take comfort in knowing that there is nothing or no one who ever will be BIGGER!

Love Ya!

Krystal Baynes-Hoseinee

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