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Why Do You Exist?

Quizzically I searched this question on YouTube. As you can imagine the 'wisdom' of the internet pushed out results as varied, crazy, and funny as expected, with everything from biblical theology to anthropology; even questioning our very existence. Thanks to human freedom, people can decide which of those sources they will rely on.

Simon Sinek has a popular leadership philosophy called 'Starting With Why' and 'Finding Your Why’; the latter refers to the reason for your existence and everything you do.

My ‘why’ is to live as a Christ-representor and exhaust my last breath doing His will, which is good, pleasing, and fulfilling. Christ has called us to represent Him - 2 Corinthians 5:20 - everywhere and at all times, especially to our family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues.

Knowing that I must reflect God’s glory and represent Christ, has restrained me from doing and especially saying a lot. I've cried as a substitute for a silenced tongue, but I always know that preserving my witness was more important than submitting to the temptation of the flesh.

Though we don’t always see the fruits of that representation, sometimes God allows us to have a small insight into the reasons He asked us to deny ourselves daily and follow him (Matthew 16:24).

Recently, my 'why' manifested in two separate situations.

Following a string of frustrating events for which I kept my composure and most importantly, my tongue, someone who was closely observing mentioned that they were inspired by the way I handled the situation. I thank God for patience, restraint, and most critically for always keeping my 'why' top-of-mind. There isn't a shortage of sermons that remind us that people are looking at how we live and respond as believers because it's a fact, that we are God's tool to reach others.

In the other situation someone reached out to me for a professional service and though they offered to pay, my ‘why’ caused me to do it at no cost. He makes our hearts more compassionate towards recognising the need rather than focusing on the individual or their behavior, which is why, despite our previous peculiar encounters, I was glad to assist. We ought to choose to impact our communities positively, on purpose.

Knowing your ‘why’ helps you to lift your head when the pressures of life weigh heavy on your shoulders. Living your ‘why’ helps you to pursue peace, and grace your spaces with light, love, and joy.

Maybe I have been writing a lot about impact, purpose, and legacy lately, but those thoughts have been at the forefront of my heart, to get us thinking about how we represent in this world. For those who have accepted the salvation of God through Jesus, the first way to show up is as an uncompromising, all-in, believer of Jesus Christ.

Regardless of what happens to you or what gets thrown at you, the ‘why’ of your existence keeps you just as a railway track determines the path of a train. Even with momentary lapses, we still get steered back to who we were created to be.

Perhaps you may be feeling lost and directionless right now, then now is a good time to spend in reflection and prayer with God, asking Him why He is still blessing you with breath every morning. Think about the people who need you, think about the interactions or tasks that made you feel needed and valued, and then ask God to rekindle the passions that once made you feel alive.

So why do you exist? You exist to live on purpose for Christ. You exist because God thought of you, crafted you exactly as He wanted, placed every gift, talent, and ability you needed, and placed you on the earth at this time according to His divine sovereignty.

You have value, you are needed, you are important, and living an authentic and fulfilling life is God’s desire for you.

Love Ya!

Krystal Baynes-Hoseinee

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