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Way Maker

“If you only knew what God was doing, you’d be praising him right now!”

This is a quote I’ve heard my pastor repeat time and time again, which he attributes to one of his spiritual mentors. Every time I hear it my perspective shifts from the here and now to the limitless world of possibilities in God through Christ Jesus.

Just imagine the good things that the Lord is working on right now on your behalf. The thought is both comforting and exhilarating. I feel a tingling on the inside, I feel my facial muscles begin to relax into a smile as hope rises on the inside whenever I think about the fact that God is (currently, right at this moment) working on something great on my behalf.

I am sure that you can think of at least one thing you deeply desired and prayed for in the past that you are now experiencing. The Bible says that God is not slack concerning His promises and that He will do just as He said (2 Peter 3:9). Abraham believed that God would do just as He promised and many years later, the Lord blessed Him with Isaac. The Lord promised to never abandon His people and our lives are testimonies of this promise in action.

God is constantly working on our behalf, and because He is working we get to rest. What an awesome exchange that Jesus did all the work so that we can rest in and trust Him.

Eight years ago, as a single woman, I prayed earnestly for a companion. Not just any kind, but one who would not scoff at the Godly virtues I was trying to preserve (as some did) but one who saw the work of the indwelling Holy Spirit, as more important than a tiny waist and round hips. Though I prayed and believed, I remember questioning how God could ever find such a man because I was sure they were all taken by then. The folly of my imagination to ask whether the creator of the universe and the one who gave breath to every human being would be challenged to find a mate for me!

Eight years ago, while I enjoyed the blessing of a new home, right alongside that blessing was the reality of a new mortgage, new bills, and being newly broke after spending all my savings to acquire the house. My salary was simply coming up short and instead of resting in God, I began to panic.

I am not a stranger to sacrifice; I will do without in one area to realise my goals in another. I put my car up for sale, I stopped my insurance payments and I basically told myself that I needed to diet anyway, to help reduce my food bill. That time, however, I needed more than what sacrifice and rearranging my needs could provide. But God! If I knew what He was working on, I would have rejoiced instead of worried. I began to feel the financial pressure in July and by December of the same year, the Lord opened the door to a new job! Isn't He a way-maker!!!

Not long ago my parents and a few relatives missed a connection because their first flight was delayed by approximately 6 hours. For an entire evening my cousin and I explored every option to avoid the exorbitant cost of rebooking a new flight. That night before we went to bed my husband and I prayed as we usually do, and I simply asked the Lord for favour and to make a way for them. When I woke up during the night I saw a message saying that they encountered a very helpful agent who put them on the next available flight and that they only paid a minimal change fee. My cousin’s exact words were “that woman was God-sent last night”.

Sometimes we worry about how something will work out and carry a burden for a breakthrough that we were never meant to bear. It was never God’s intention for us to figure things out on our own, to live independently of his strength, or to live apart from His will. His desire was always for us to rest in Him, to trust Him for provision, partnership, patience, and everything else that we need.

God is a way-maker; a problem solver; and a promise-keeper. He is always working on something in the background. He doesn’t need to tell us His plans, He just needs us to trust Him and rest with the assurance that He is always busily at work on our behalf.

The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way? (Proverbs 20:24 NLT)

Love Ya,

Krystal Baynes-Hoseinee

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