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Volume 1 - This is what GRACE looks Like! "It Preserves, Protects and Provides"

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

What does grace look like? Imagine a baby gazing up at parents, dependent upon them, total vulnerability. Imagine being in the world, not understanding a single thing and requiring total guidance. That is how I see grace. I can speak of the many blessings of GOD, I can speak of his countless blessings upon my life, but I will pull out just three which have left a permanent stamp in my heart.

On the 10th March 2020, I was laid on a narrow table in a surgical room, dressed in a surgical gown. To the left of me stood doctors and nurses and to the right of me stood more nurses. When I looked up, there were medical interns looking down at me. I laid in that room, to have a surgery performed on me, for a rare tumor in my abdomen. A tumor which was lodged there since childhood, grew significantly during my pregnancy. As the gas was placed over my face, struggling to keep my breath, I could see myself drifting into an unfamiliar place but, was God with me? Yes! Did he guide the doctors? Yes! The devil thought that cancer would steal my life but God’s word that I am healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ, dealt his plan a severe blow. I cannot stop thanking God for his deliverance. I am now totally healed and it is only because of the grace and mercy of God. His grace preserves life.

On the 27th November 2020, my husband kissed me whilst I sat on a sofa in the living room working at home. It was not five minutes after, when I received his call, “I was just involved in a bad accident” Just as that baby I referenced earlier, I felt vulnerable, my husband and my mother-in-law could have just died in a frontal vehicular collision, but for the grace of GOD, their lives were spared. His grace is certainly sufficient for me. His grace protects.

Let me rewind to 2009, I attended a University in England and having just written a final exam, a friend of mine requested that I accompany her to a mall to celebrate the end of our exams. With only one pound in my pocket, I immediately said yes, not being certain what I will eat, not wanting to burden my parents regarding my lack of finances as they had already provided so much for me. I turned to my Father God and placed my plea for financial assistance to him and within less than three minutes, I received a call from a cousin to go to West Union as she had just sent me forty pounds. God’s grace causes us to prosper.

Jesus Christ is an amazing friend and the Holy Spirit is a true comfort. God brings to us an oil of joy for mourning and what a wonderful garment of praise for every spirit of heaviness. As a baby I have experienced the grace of God upon my life and he certainly preserves, protects and provides for all who are willing to call out to him.

Be blessed.

Sophia Sandy-Smith

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2 commenti

14 gen 2021

No matter what we do or who we think we are, His grace touches us. We may be in a pit of despair thinking little of ourselves, and His grace says we are enough for Him to care and to save us. We may believe we stand above others and we can do it all alone, and His grace is enough to teach us love and humility. His grace does not discriminate between the virtuous or the criminal. He died for us all and dresses us all in His divine righteousness ❤. His grace was, is, and will always be enough to approach Him.

Mi piace

11 gen 2021

Thank God for His mercy and GRACE!!!!!!

Mi piace
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