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Skip the Drama

Being stuck in a comfort zone usually means being stuck in an unhealthy or even destructive place. You probably know someone who is stuck in a cycle of bad decisions, pain and drama. They have been on the same merry-go-round for years and don't even know it. It is even more difficult to watch those who know that they are stuck and are struggling because they do not know how to break free.

My husband struck up a conversation as we descended French Fort a few days ago, about the USA trying to become more self-sufficient with its microchip manufacturing, which is needed for almost every technological device today, from mobile phones to motor vehicles. The difficulty with becoming self-sufficient is that much of the raw materials that are needed for the chips reside in countries with whom the USA is not allied. The conversation eventually diverted to nations desiring to dominate each other and the human greed that underlined those desires. We concluded that dominance, greed, chaos, and drama will continue to exist in the human nature as long as mankind’s thermostat, our internal regulator, the Holy Spirit is absent.

I reflected on the scripture in Romans 8:6 (NLT) which says, "So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace".

These ‘Wives of Every State and Sport’ reality tv shows make their money because of women who constantly fight, backstab, and gossip about each other. Although much of the drama is scripted, those shows depict some people’s reality; people who are unable to identify who they are apart from friction and feel lost if there isn't acrimony or drama around them. If someone told them that they are addicted to stress and drama, they would vehemently deny it, but they would be ‘vehemently’ wrong. Chaos and heartbreak seem to follow some people - although it may be that they are attracted to it and attracting it.

The cycles of bad decisions, gossip, unforgiveness, envy, and every self-destructive behaviour, are because of the broken, sin-nature of mankind with an unregenerated spirit. The choices we make are a direct result of who or what is leading us and that broken flesh in which we dwell is the most unreliable and calamitous compass.

Yes, it is true that the wage of sin is death but the good news, the true gem from the foregoing scripture is this: drama, uncontrollable desires, cycles of bad decisions, and all self-destructive habits will be solved by allowing your mind to be led by the Spirit. The scriptures say that when we do so, it leads to life and peace.

The lack of peace in a situation is a signal of the lack of the Holy Spirit in one’s life or in a particular situation. The mind of Christ that is in the believer, the mind that is led by the Spirit, will produce a life of peace.

Allowing your thoughts and ultimately your actions to be led by the Holy Spirit is the answer to get you out of the tailspin and catapult you to abundant life. Jesus phrased it like “denying yourself daily”, which means denying what feels natural and obediently surrendering your mind and thoughts to the Holy Spirit.

We can make bold and courageous decisions even when we feel weak and incapable because our thoughts about who we are and what we are capable of, are led by the Holy Spirit.

God has given us the pathway to the answers we seek and the things we desire, and it’s unlikely to be in the easy quick-fix miracle format that many desire. It is a process that starts with wholeheartedly accepting Christ’s sacrifice to redeem you from your sin so that you can receive and be led by the Holy Spirit. God may not change the situation to give you the desired outcome, but He regulates your thoughts to give you peace despite the situation. He promised to give more abundant life right here and now, while we continue to inhale and exhale His precious air.

God's peace is the solution to any struggle and to obtain that peace you must first yield to His Holy Spirit's leading. Simply desiring a better situation or outcome is not going to work and choosing to neglect God or partially commit to Him while wanting that peace is equally ineffective.

Despite all these articles and blog posts, I cannot even suggest that I am an expert at navigating this life, but I am wholly convinced about one thing, minds that are truly led by the Holy Spirit will receive His abundance (physically, emotionally, psychologically, relationally and financially) and most importantly you will have abiding peace.

Love Ya!

Krystal Baynes-Hoseinee

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