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Perfect Timing!

Nothing ever misses you and neither do you ever have to miss out!

The RIGHT time: a beautifully dynamic and powerful collision of God's will and our readiness.

‘It happened just in time’ and ‘it came through at the perfect time’, are just acknowledged and sometimes unacknowledged testimonies of God's omniscience, His Lordship over and existence apart from time.

God is not constrained by the lunar events that exchange days for nights, nor the Gregorian calendar that separates years into months and days. It is His Larger than Life attributes that orchestrate and strategizes all things for your good at just the right time. We've all waited or have been waiting for certain dreams and desires to come through. We know the anxiety associated with that waiting period and some even worry themselves into a frenzy watching the time pass by with no sure sign of an answer or manifestation. It has been my experience that everything that I have deeply desired or dreamed of that I received, in humbling myself and being honest with myself, I eventually conceded that the timing could not have been better, in fact, it was perfect! Our 20/20 hindsight illuminates truths that there are or were certain blessings and answers for which we just were not ready. Today, we can look through the lens of our cumulative experiences in that waiting season and see that an answered prayer at a particular time would have been more detrimental to our growth. There is the right and perfect time but there is also such a thing as the wrong time.

It takes sobering self-reflection and maturity to admit that when God’s answer isn’t the way we expected, it is essentially an admission that we do not know what’s best for us, and we certainly are not experts on timing.

In the world of commerce and marketing, the most useful product could still fail if it is not launched at the right time. Just observe how many more toys are launched prior to the Christmas season or how many movies are released in the summer. Timing is critical! It could make the difference between success and failure. Judge timing incorrectly and release your product too soon and it could flop maybe because the market just didn’t have the appetite for it and get to the market too late and a competitor would have already snatched up the market share.

An entire field of study in Actuarial Science was developed to assess timing and project probabilities. Perfect timing is a science that the Master Maker possesses. Waiting for His perfect timing is a hard process but it is a very simple concept, that is, God knows what time is best. He knows what we need before we ask and because we know that He knows, we don’t need to wait for hindsight to have confidence in the ‘when’. We can approach the fulfillment of our desires like a science, whose active ingredient is faith in God. Right at the start, or from right where you are, understand that times and seasons belong to God; it will happen ONLY when He says it will, but WHEN He says it or does it, it will be at the perfect time. How do I know? I’ve seen it over and over again. Things working out just before giving up, things working out just when I choose to let go and give it to God; things working out at just the last minute, with no effort or input from me; and things NOT working out just as He planned.

I love those situations where God answers in a way that is miles different from my expectation because those answers are always better.

(Sidenote: Sometimes we set the bar way too low for ourselves) After you've been rolling with Jesus for a while you become very comfortable leaving everything in His hands and to His timing, because He has demonstrated that He isn’t a fault-riddled man but that He is Lord God.

His Lordship and a submissive heart ought to coax you into a place of rest and reassurance that He is keenly aware of your need or circumstance. He has already prepared the answer and at just the right time He will release it in the overflowing and abundant way that is typical of God’s blessings. I encourage you to trust in His Perfect time...not slow, not late, not lost... but right on time!

Love Ya!

Krystal Baynes-Hoseinee

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1 Comment

Jan 30, 2023

Couldn't have said it any better. Abba Father's timing is the best timing that any human being can most certainly depend on, and it is done in God's way, not ours. Much thanks to the Almighty.

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