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Keep On Dreaming

No two experiences are alike. One person’s journey to success may look like a meteoric rise and another person's may feel like dismal glacial lows.

The natural protectionist mechanism of the brain elevates pleasant memories and submerges harsh experiences. Depending on the severity of the negative experience, some tend to regurgitate and reflect upon it so much so that it skews their perception of their ability to realise their dreams. I am just three weeks away from the release of my new book and I can't help but reflect on our varying journeys to achieving our dreams.

If you long to throw off the weight of worry and 'what ifs' and go hard after your dreams, then let’s be open and transparent about the process.

Firstly, let’s demystify and redefine ‘Dreams’. A dream isn’t necessarily a grandiose image of fame or riches. It most certainly is not something that comes with the exactness of a blueprint. When I indulge my dreams I visualise myself confidently and expertly operating in my purpose, and basking in the successful outcome. If your dream looks like Goliath and your time, connections and ability, looks like David, you are dreaming on the level of the likes of Joseph (Genesis 37) and Queen Esther (Esther 4)!

Secondly, don’t you dare underestimate that quiet, loaded and unexplainable feeling in your heart to attain something or succeed in an area. I’ll explain what I mean by ‘loaded’. Loss of any kind but more so, the passing of a loved one usually creates a tight and heavy burden inside your chest. Dreams and goals have a similar heavy and abiding feeling, coupled with an earnest longing to attain the dream. In your moments of reflection and solitude, the dreams that have taken up residence in your heart are glaring.

Thirdly, if your dream scares you, then it is well placed. In one moment you may be dreaming about the exciting possibilities and just as quickly you are warped back to the reality of the arduous pathway from where you are to what you desire to achieve. It is scary when you look around and you seem to not have the tools that you need to help you get to where you want to be. Dreams are meant to be scary, particularly God-inspired dreams, because they are meant to push you to God for help and direction.

Lastly, you must deeply and passionately love what you are led to do. The love that you have for something must cause you to put your best effort into that endeavour. Become single-minded and zealous about it, so much so that when setbacks and disappointments happen, you are convinced that God is still in it. Don’t do it halfway, go all in. Do not be lukewarm, be a blazing fire of hope, purposefulness and excellence. Affiliate God’s work with excellence and don’t give Him anything half-heartedly. God values His name above all else, so when you associate any work with the name of the Lord, give it the time, energy and excellence that He deserves. “Then everything you do will bring glory to God through Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 4:11b).

I am often inspired and encouraged by the faith and persistency of those who relentlessly chase after their dreams. Your job won’t be easy, raising your children won’t be easy and living out your God-given calling won’t be easy. However, when God has given us big dreams be assured that He will ensure a successful outcome. People are quietly watching and being inspired by you. So while you press through your excitement, insecurity, doubt, roadblocks, optimism and fears, remember these simple truths:

  1. Dreams aren’t packaged with fragrant tulips, fluffy white clouds or rainbows of colour. They are often packaged as small yearnings and stubborn passions that chase after you, regardless of how much you try to hide.

  2. Being scared to try or being afraid of failure is normal. Success can be defined as the courage to pursue your dream in spite of your fears; because pleasing God is more important than self-made ideals or cultural standards.

  3. God loves you and is pleased with you, regardless of what you do. Obediently pursuing a dream won’t cause Him to love you more, nor will He love you less if you choose not to do something. I encourage you though to “never be lazy but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.” (Romans 12:11)

Love ya! Krystal Baynes-Hoseinee

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Available on September 19, 2021

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