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"Gracefully You Amaze Me!" - This is What GRACE looks Like - Volume 4

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Gracefully you amaze me with consistency

In your Psalm 23 balm of calming blessings

Through the testing sand storms of 2020’s

That implode my 20/20 vision

Into oblivion

That balm of Gilead rises and cascades

Disarming grenades

Aiding me as I aimlessly

Dance akimbo over mysterious minefields

I feel your presence reassuring me

That your grace is enough, to see me through

Every storm

Though I gleefully abandon you

For random eye candies

And dandies, dragons in disguises

Your love still surprises

Thank you for your grace!

Felt through a de facto type of connection

Circa resurrection

Representing the highest form of interconnectivity

Between mankind and God Himself

Father seen through his son

So the lost Adamic race can

Dance with our Father again

One thing about Grace

Is that it takes time

Sometimes the connection requires bare patience like analog

No FaceTime

But these in the mean time offerings

Tip the plates of the scales of scared souls

When you feel almost bowled out financially

Remember He who annually, sees you through

Is ever faithful and true

So who can I boast of again but you?

Like the sweetbread in the fiery furnace

Or a caterpillar

His grace is so sufficient

For me,

The undeserving

Constantly swerving

In trying or turbulent times

When all I can do is just stand

I must stand in awe of God’s grace

Drawing me nearer

Cheering me on

Through grace our redeemer gives

All that I can need in exceeding abundance

Through grace our redeemer lives

By God's servant:

Christian Paul

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