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Caught In The Rain

The rain was drenching the ground when I noticed a bird fluttering around as if looking for somewhere to shelter. No trees were close by, so she eventually landed on my fence, and as the rain became heavier, she seemed to stiffen her little body and stayed completely still on the fence.

My dog Eli however, reacts very differently to the rain. The only two times that Eli willingly goes into his kennel are when he wants the food and water that’s in it, and when the rain begins to fall. You see, he is not about getting wet, so at the slightest drizzle, he saunters from which ever part of the yard he is, to comfortably shelter until the rain passes.

Though it is not unusual to see birds resting on overhead lines or roof tops while it is raining the posture of this bird to simply wait, deeply impacted me.

So I did a bit of research to try to find out why birds rarely fly in the rain. Basically it has something to do with air pressure changes in rainy conditions that make flying difficult, and other aerodynamic stuff which I will not even pretend to understand or furthermore, try to explain.

Nonetheless, as I observed the beautiful brown feeder, these words dropped into my soul … Wait Out The Rain.

When circumstances change and life throws us into a tailspin, many people try to force the situation to return to the way it was, frantically seek shelter, or try to push through the untenable condition.

These are all completely understandable reactions, however, in the same way that it can be extremely dangerous for a plane to take off in very bad weather, trying to push yourself from point A to point B when you are not emotionally, physically or psychologically equipped to do so, may be dangerous.

We must have the insight to know when a different response may be required of us to endure a new challenge, and when we need to tell ourselves to be still and wait out the rain.

"We must have the insight to know when a different response may be required of us"

Because rain does not last forever, there is much value in simply waiting. Wait and give the weather time to improve so that you can see your way more clearly. Wait, so that you don’t need to continue on with a limp when you can instead run or even soar into your next season (Isaiah 40:31).

At first I thought that the bird simply did not want the discomfort and inconvenience of getting weighed down by the rain, however, I discovered another more important reason, the rainy conditions just were not conducive to flying.

As enthusiastic and ambitious as a person may be, there is wisdom in knowing when to run and when to wait. Not every season is a running season and waiting does not mean a delay.

"Not every season is a running season"

Thanks to technology we can be forewarned of an approaching storm with adequate time to evacuate. However, when sirens begin to howl to alert a district that is prone to tornadoes about an impending tornado, there is usually only enough time to gather the family, get to a basement or an underground shelter and wait it out.

Waiting that is God-inspired and wisdom-infused demonstrates your mature understanding that there is value in every season, even the seasons that require waiting.

For many of us there are some rainy seasons that we just wish would hurry up and be over, and those where we convince ourselves that we can get around or ahead of.

However, we cannot escape those times when unexpected or undesirable things happen and we get caught in the 'rain'. In many of those times the best option may be to just bunker down until it passes.

"The best option may be to just bunker down until it passes"

Let me be even more straight forward. Because we can’t control when bad things happen or when difficult times come around, it is important that we ask the Lord for strategy on how to approach the situation, understanding that sometimes His answer will be to ‘sit still and wait it out’.

Sometimes the best offense when we are under attack is to be still, and in being still God gets the opportunity to work it out for us.

The wings of almighty God would keep you safe and sheltered (Psalm 91:4) although it may look to others as though you’re shivering alone in the rain.

"God would keep you safe and sheltered"

Wait it out because He has the power to stop the rain, silence the storm and subdue the tornado (Mark 4:39).

At no point are you without the Lord’s shelter, and sometimes waiting in Him and on Him is the best thing we can do when the rains come (Psalm 27:14).

If you get caught in the rain, sometimes you just have to wait it out.

Love ya,

Krystal Baynes-Hoseinee

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